If you are a vehicle owner, you will know that it requires a regular touch-up to give a top-notch performance, and without it, it will become just another dump in the garage. To keep the vehicle up and running, there are many terms that you might be familiar with, like auto maintenance and auto repair. But what do they really mean, and how crucial is it to know the difference?

Auto repair and Auto maintenance

The difference is fairly simple. Maintenance is the restoration that your vehicle regularly requires, after some regular intervals. On the other hand, the repair is required whenever the vehicle is not functioning correctly, some parts are broken, or there has been an accident. Both these vital processes are imperative for the up-keep of your vehicle from time to time.

What are the regular maintenance procedures that you need to get done?

The owner manual of your vehicle will have a list of schedules that you need to follow for its optimal functioning, and they usually include checking the:

  • Battery operation
  • Getting Oil changed
  • Brake functioning
  • Tires
  • Power-Steering Fluid (refilling or altering)
  • Fuel Filter
  • Coolant
  • Engine Belts & Timing Belts
  • Spark Plugs

How often do you need to get auto repair work done?

The auto repair work is only required when the vehicle is not functioning well, it has been in a recent accident, or some part needs to be replaced. To get auto-repair work done, you only need to set up an appointment with the auto repair shop, and they will help you sort out the problem.


Sometimes the vehicle may break down and leave you completely stranded on the side of the road, so get timely fixes done. Remember, those vehicle owners who do not get regular maintenance are usually the ones who end up at the repair shop. Not only is it out of the blue, but very bad for your vehicle too.